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“She can break your heart and lift your soul from the wreckage within one smartly crafted moment in one of her songs.” - Tom Driscoll, The Red Door Coffeehouse.

"It's easy to get whisked away in the emotionality of this heartfelt theme, as the smartly crafted poetic language compellingly shares the singer's disposition."  - The Great American Song Contest (Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting for Time)

"Its particularly hard to deny Levine's emotive vocals that drip with sadness, joy and life."  - Metronome Magazine

"From an unimaginable melodic beauty, the Americana duo The Lied To's presents the purity of folk in its fullest essence with the single Time a song that reaches our hearts magnificently and guides us through a beautiful rhythmic universe full of transcendental tranquility that strikes the soul with its unique and very special magic." -

"She emits only as much voice as the listener’s heart can feel at once. Her uncanny feel for the emotive grist of her song also manifests itself in her timbre, edgy but loaded with feeling, pressing out the details of her loss and her sentimental take on them." -  Bill Copeland Music News

"[Time] balances a simple poetic lyricism and a wistful understanding on the back of Levine's divine vocals for stellar results...both plainspoken and profound."   - Postcard Elba

"Wow.  Susan Levine’s vocals are just perfect on this song [Millionaire] about how life, and family life in particular, can be so imperfect.  With Doug Kwartler backing her up beautifully a song unfolds that’s full of weary acceptance of the way life goes.  Marriages fall apart, second wives aren’t great stepmoms, and all the time the train’s roll by a small town that only knows small town concerns.  It’s a beauty – and The Lied To’s have a whole album of such songs – ‘The Lesser of Two Evils‘" - Americana-UK

"Susan Levine has a voice somewhere between Dolly Parton and Maria Muldaur – it carries an edgy passion with a wailing “want my man” quality." - The Noise

“Introspective, melodic folk-pop simply doesn't get much finer...That rare album where a whole mind and heart are revealed” - The Boston Herald

"The wistful knowledge of Dolly Parton at her best." - The Boston Globe

"With poignant clarity, Levine sings beautiful songs of love and hope with a down-home feel...a gorgeous slice of Americana that's sweet, innocent and spiritual, and deserving of attention."  - Metronome Magazine

"Levine's songs are simultaneously rooted in a narrative folk tradition and unlike anything you've heard. Her voice is both delicate and robust, and her poetic lyrics are worldly without being world-weary and candid without being cynical." - 02138 Magazine

"A smart writer with a warm voice that can send chills down your spine."  Marilyn Rea Beyer, WUMB fm



2021 Top 5 Winner Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting, Great American Song Contest

2021 Semi-Finalist International Songwriting Competition

2020 Finalist, South Florida Folk Festival Singer-Songwriter Competition

2020 Semi-Finalist, International Songwriting Competition

2016 4th Place, American Songwriter Magazine lyric contest

2009 Nominee Just Plain Folks Music Awards, best song, female singer-songwriter

2008 Kerrvile Folk Festival New Folk Finalist

2008 Tricentric Showcase Artist, Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA)

2007 International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist

2005 International Songwriting Competition Finalist

2004 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Finalist

2004 Rose Garden Coffeehouse Songwriting Competition Finalist

2003 International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist

2002 Emerging Artist, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

2002 Honorable Mention American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest



"The Worst Kind of New," 2022 (w/ The Lied To's)

"The Lesser of Two Evils," 2018 (w/ The Lied To's)

"The Lied To's," 2015 (w/ The Lied To's)

“Atlas”, 2007

“Scatter Me”, 2001

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